About Maty 
I am from Canary Islands but currently based in Barcelona.
I grew up surrounded by nature and volcanos in Gran Canaria, being these landscapes something really present in my paintings and photography as inspiration.
Then I moved to Barcelona and study first fashion design at Felicidad Duce and then  fine arts at the Universitat de Barcelona.  Here i started to combine my passion for painting and my passion for photography. Since then I don't go anywhere without my cameras, my sketchbook and my colors. You never know where you gonna get inspired and by what, there is not limit.
I work through my  photos  with the humans, the landscapes, the love, the fashion, the beauty, the pain, the passion of life, and the sensuality as something intrinsic in the human being.
i also love to create timeless images  inspired by Renaissance paintings and erotic photography from the 60s, 70s and 80s .

Charadas at Abaixadors

Barcelona - 2020


Candy Darling

Barcelona - 2019


Life painting at Soho House 

Barcelona - 2019


To The Teeth at Moanne by Fanbu Studio

Madrid - 2019


News Gentleman´s Club at Golab Agency

Milan - 2019

Interview  by Radio Primavera Sound

Barcelona - 2019


New femininity  by Curated by girls at

Barcelona - 2018


Life painting at MARICAS

Barcelona- 2018

Lava Circular 
El Hierro - 2017

El Tinglao
 Barcelona - 2017

Exibition for International Women´s Day
Barcelona - 2017

Erotika! 1st edition at Chez Xefo

Barcelona - 2017

Meeting point at Espai Txema  
 Barcelona - 2016


Sushiki at Totem Studios
 Barcelona - 2016  

Bar Soda 
 Barcelona - 2013 

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