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 About Maty 
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I’m a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in the Canary Islands, the place that had the big impact and still is the inspiration of my life. Now I'm based between Barcelona and Paris.

I began my career studying fashion and fine arts but soon discovered photography, a new visual world where I could mix all of my ideas.
With a big cinematographic influence, I like to portray the intrinsic beauty of human nature and bodies of all kinds in different scenarios such as the city, nature, studios... everywhere we are allowed to express ourselves.

My purpose with my art is to empower and show the undiscovered beauty and life in all souls and things I work with. I always strive to create a comfortable work environment, allowing the magic that happens in the shoot to express in the photographs.

I believe the process, the moment you are creating and working with others, is the most important to have the best result. 

I love to travel around the world while I work on my passion. I have the opportunity to meet and understand humans, get out of my comfort zone is what makes me keep growing and getting inspired. I love to show the world that everyone must follow their dreams. 

Works & Collaborations

11.11 Exhibition 

Barcelona - 2021


Can Pep Rey Exhibition

Barcelona - 2021


ID Spain interview

Quarantine in Tokyo

Tokyo - 2020

Life painting for Theysayalltheway

Tokyo - 2020


Charadas at Abaixadors

Barcelona - 2020


Candy Darling

Barcelona - 2019


Life painting at Soho House 

Barcelona - 2019


To The Teeth at Moanne by Fanbu Studio

Madrid - 2019


News Gentleman´s Club at Golab Agency

Milan - 2019

Interview  by Radio Primavera Sound

Barcelona - 2019


New femininity  by Curated by girls at

Barcelona - 2018


Life painting at MARICAS

Barcelona- 2018

Lava Circular 
El Hierro - 2017


El Tinglao
Barcelona - 2017

Exibition for International Women´s Day
Barcelona - 2017


Erotika! 1st edition at Chez Xefo

Barcelona - 2017

Meeting point at Espai Txema  
 Barcelona - 2016


Sushiki at Totem Studios
 Barcelona - 2016  

Bar Soda 
 Barcelona - 2013 


Natalie Rolt

Au Revoir Cinderella

House of Rowdy


Rat & Boa

Amaral Body


ID Spain

Destino Pacha Ibiza

Zoo Lab

Tally Weijl

Wakana Reunion

Eco Music


Month Paris


Yuumi Peralta

Vintage Pink


PR01 Tokyo

Mo Swimwear


Madame Figaro Japan

Le Studio 

Maison Miaou


Maison Mollerus 

Series Mag

Delphin Studios

Moirai Market

Eira Gold

P Magazine

Fucking Young


Chidy Wayne

Sicky Magazine

FGC Handmade

Move D

Uzza Skincare

Contributor Magazine


Vito Montolio

Palmera Studio

Pardo Hats


The Container Tokyo


Golab Agency

New Gentleman´s Club

Pino Pipoli

Natalie Clark


Los Feliz

Neo 2 magazine

Rock Nights Ibiza

Another Filthy Magazine

Claudia Sahuqillo




Vein Magazine



Damaged Magazine

Ladio Studios


Erika Lust

Soho house

Nakid magazine

Regarde Le Ciel

Ladio Clothing

Le Swing Barcelona

Tropicana Ibiza


Fanbu Studio

Kaltblut Magazine



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